11 thoughts on “How To Make Senseo Coffee Pods

  1. So glad I found this! I got my Senseo coffee maker for Christmas last year, and I love it! the only thing is, I can’t find the pods in the store. Found them online, but they’re really expensive. I am going to use this method for sure. Thanks! 

  2. A little dribble does not hurt, it does fall in the cup. Thank You for the knowledge.

  3. Thank you for sharing, very helpful. I’m so
    glad I did not get rid of my Senseo coffee maker.

  4. If you cut the extra off the top it won’t leak.Thanks for the video! I do this as well.(but I use Mayorga organic dark roast and it’s amazing!!!

  5. Just watched a sales demo of a Senseo on Argos TV (12.11.2012), and even he had trouble with the top leaking on TWO of these machines. Seems to be a bit of a fault.

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