I repack K-cups for my Keurig machine

I like my Keurig device, however I do not such as buying those expensive K-cups. I bought some fantastic little recyclable covers on eBay and pack my own, rapidly and easil …
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Keurig K-Cup Coffee & Tea Review

This is a video I made to review all of the Keurig K-Cups that I have. Some are coffees some are teas some are iced coffees, hot cocoa, let me know how you gu …

26 thoughts on “I repack K-cups for my Keurig machine

  1. Mine did not come with the do it your self k-cup thing. This is a good
    idea. I have the EZ-Cup filter and a ekobrew elite stanless steel filter.

  2. reusing the internal filters could easily get you sick, but i get where you
    are coming from. Instead of buying those covers, all you have to do is wrap
    a little aluminum foil over the top. a trick to keep from poking extra
    holes in the bottom is simply to place the k-cup in the same way each time.
    Just make sure the label is right side up the first use, then insert the
    same way each time.

  3. why are you making more than one hole in the stupid thing, line up the same
    hole goofball. 

  4. I can appreciate what you are doing… but the “CUPs’ are a convenience …
    if i wanted to save money, i’d make ‘pots’ and furthermore.. reheat… I
    don’t want to deal with those little cups with holes..sittin around not
    being fresh until i use them or the hassle of having to go through all that
    you have gone thru. good for you if that works.. but if you weren’t
    spending the extra time making those little cups.. you’d be doing something
    else.. why mess up a good thing?.. spend the money or get a regular coffee

  5. I for one…LOVE that you put this up. I couldn’t stand using the k-cups
    because they are SO EXPENSIVE and though I love my machine…fresh coffee
    every time it was causing me pain/money! So Thanks and just ignore all the
    negativity. Some people just are not Happy unless they are criticizing
    someone or something. I love GREAT TIPS.

  6. Really, you are can’t spend 1 minute to refill the re-useable K-Cup you
    showed first when you’re read for coffee. There is not time savings by
    doing a week at a time plus you have to buy those plastic cup covers.
    Doesn’t make sense because after you reuse those cups 4 times you throw
    them out and buy more. Not environmentally considerate as you tried to say.
    You’re grinding your own coffee. There are only negatives about your idea.
    No time savings and you then you washed coffee grounds down the sink which
    will only build up in your pipes in time. Not smart. 

  7. It dose not take that long to load the refillable cup…my god are we that

  8. Thank you for sharing. We just got a Keurig and I want to use my coffee. I
    will try a sprinkle of cinnamon on top of the grounds in order to flavor my

  9. This is what the cheaper single cup standard coffee makers with reusable
    filters are for. This is a waste of a Keurig lol

  10. Me and my mom are going 1/2 in for a kcup for areself to share. I was going
    buy thous reusables as their is generic one at walmart now for 5. But still
    for 2-4 cups morning this would be cheaper to buy 3 sets of these caps it
    looks like. Then no hassel when I am out the door to my drs apointments. Me
    and my mom can have nice cup coffee. What is your Kcup? machien

  11. I thought the video was great. Never heard of those caps but I’m going to
    find some today. And I agree…beautybabe or whatever she calls herself
    needs to zip her lip. Another New Years resolution should be to buy a
    Thesaurus. If you don’t know what a thesaurus is, use a dictionary. If you
    don’t know what a dictionary is, that explains a lot…

  12. I didn’t even know those lids existed. Thanks…I’ll definitely be looking
    for some now.

  13. Just buy a “My K-cup” you cheap fuck. Or if 15 dollars is “too much” then
    buy one on eBay for 7 bucks.

  14. Good video. Great idea.. But, I drink flavored coffee. And usually its
    pumpkin spice, or a chocolate, or Carmel vanilla . So there is no sense in
    buying a ton of different flavored coffee . IF they even make all those
    flavors. It would work if you just wanted a single cup of regular coffee.
    But that’s it…

  15. I hope you don’t make a video showing people how to reuse there Tampons.lol

  16. kcup idea was a good invention addressing convenience,though when it comes
    to the environment theres more plastic and aluminum in the landfill from
    these cups.this approach is expensive on consumers,i can make about 60 cups
    of cafe from a ground up 1 lb bag of java for less than $5.

  17. I think this is great! I am bad I bought a pack of 108 Kcups at costco it
    was 40 bucks. And the my K cup is nice but I get having them pack ahead of
    time. I’m always in a rush to leave. Thanks for this!

  18. So you buy “pretty good” coffee and grind it, then you let the cups sit in
    a drawer with a hole in the top for a week? Why not save even more and just
    buy regular ground coffee, since it is going to be stale by the end of the
    week anyway.

  19. can you get tim hortons k cups the best coffee ever i have a tim hortons

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