Keurig Bold Coffee K-Cup vs Reuseable K Cup Filters (Ekobrew, Solofill Cup and My K-Cup)

WHERE to PURCHASE: Keurig Coffee K-Cups Ekobrew Stainless Steel Elite Solofill Cup K3 …
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17 thoughts on “Keurig Bold Coffee K-Cup vs Reuseable K Cup Filters (Ekobrew, Solofill Cup and My K-Cup)

  1. It looks like a lot of work :). But if it works for you that great. Enjoy your cup,

  2. I think all of them will work the same. Enjoy your cup,

  3. It’s hot but it have plastic handles on the side. I would wait for 2-3 minutes before I wash it. Enjoy your cup,

  4. does the stainless steel get hot. can u pull it out immediately or wait for it to cool down.

  5. Ever test different grinds of same coffee using the same reusable K Cup filter? May want to add to this test, comparison of post brew wet weights. Wonder if the standard K Cup wet weight is higher since only one small hole for the brewed coffee to drain from.

  6. videos are boring…I like the information but they are bland and boring…more showing less talking

  7. I use the EZ-CUP system and LOVE it…no cleanup !!! just throw away the grounds in the paper filter and the filters are cheap enough…please review this system…thanx

  8. I would try Ekobrew instead of My K-Cup. Also you can try to change coffee grind. Enjoy your cup,

  9. I have a My K Cup from Keurig, but I’ve noticed at the end of my cup there is lots of sediment. Is that normal for all reusable K Cups or just Keurig’s?

  10. A good overall coffee! Everyone likes it! Just the right amount of caffeine to get you going, but not shaky!

    here is the link to it in case anyone isinterested:amzn.to12ac7Jw

  11. Thank You! I noticed that the K cup vs. the reusable filter the coffee in the reusable wasn’t as strong even after using a bold coffee. Now I understand why. I think I’m going to buy the steel reusable filter.

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