14 thoughts on “Keurig Coffee Makers

  1. I never drink coffee, but right now I am using a Keurig to make a coffee to survive my college class. 🙂

  2. does this only work with K cups? What about other coffee blends that are not in kcups?

  3. All the camera movement gave me Vertigo. I have one of showcased machines and the coffee tastes like dishwater no matter which type of *cups I use, no matter what grind I use for the attachment. Giving my machine away to someone I don’t care for very much

  4. I may be late to commenting but just checked out this video. I love the Keurig concept and have purchased THREE of them. All three have fail on me after a years time. Coincidentally shortly after the warranty has expired. I’ve taken extreme care of my machines and yet they have all failed. Is anyone talking about this epidemic? Its something that Keurig is aware of but sort of dismiss as user error oppose to their own. Any others have issues? Damn shame cause I like the concept.

  5. great informative video. Im not so critical of camera or audio SINCE ITS A VIDEO ABOUT MAKING COFFEE. Seriously folks, if you have to post about pan and zoom for a video about keurigs, where is youre life at right now? Take a step back and have a look. -Just wonder who ever makes the smallest size coffee with b60? thats like 1/2 a normal human serving. Ive never used anything but the largest size which will mostly fill a small mug.

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