Make your own Senseo coffee pods

Make your own Senseo coffee pods

The best ways to swiftly and cost-effectively prepare your own Senseo coffee pods at house.
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Refillable Philips Senseo Coffee Pods

Utilizing your Coffeeduck refillable senseo covering. Great method to conserve cash !!
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Senseo Coffee Pods DIY

An easy, expense saving approach of making customized flavored shells for the Senseo single serve coffee machine.
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12 thoughts on “Make your own Senseo coffee pods

  1. Round of applause to you sir, you’ve just saved me some money and made my
    coffee taste amazing! to hell with buying pods! lol

  2. used unbleached paper to save on dioxins leaching into your coffee….paper
    has some phenols in them too…but I dunno…I’d rather use unbleached
    cotton fabric…

  3. Awesome!! Better taste, far cheaper..

    Also works with double folded toiletpaper

  4. You, sir, are a fine man for posting this. My Senseo maker collected dust
    but now it is reborn. If you’re in Hood River, OR, let me know. I will buy
    you cup of some good local joe.

  5. No necesitan filtro de papel. Una servilleta mojada y doblada en 2, es
    suficiente. Miren este VIDEO >> senseo easiest homemade pod

  6. I wet the pod after taking it out of the measuring cup. It fits better in
    the machine and compresses to ensure a good seal. BTW why is it so hard to
    find pods in retail outlets.

  7. It is difficult to find the pods anywhere. They are expensive, too. I don’t
    find the flavors particularly interesting either. I prefer to blend my own
    formulae. Your method certainly is simple enough although it doesn’t lend
    itself to making a supply of pods ahead of time. I usually make at least 24
    pods and store them in the refrigerator.

  8. Love it!! Love the music!! Especially the coffee perks! Love my senseo –
    thank you! Love you! 😉

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