17 thoughts on “Save $ on your Keurig: Cheap K-cups and Keurig Cost Breakdown

  1. I’ve started buying my k-cups at Big Lots: 18-count for $9. When Big Lots
    has their Friends & Family sale you get 20% off that price. 

  2. I got a K-40 elite for xmas. So far so good. In the directions it
    recommends leaving the machine on at all times. This seems wasteful
    (electricity) and possibly a fire hazard. Is there an issue with turning it
    on and off too much? Maybe I will leave it on just in the morning. Does any
    one know why they reccommend leaving it on?

  3. Some times I use my k cup if I want to use my own coffee like star bucks.
    I also have the tea pod to hold my round tea bag. 

  4. I bought the k cups that are reusable. I fill them with coffee that I buy
    on sale and with a coupon for my Keurig, it is really easy and convenient.
    I have also purchased the k cups in bulk from Costco.

  5. I get 100 k-cup boxes of Pacific Bold? for my husband at Costco. It only
    costs $35 per box, so 35 cents a cup :D

  6. I love my k- machine it works great for my family, because I like the sweet
    coffee drinks and my hubby likes the strong dark drinks… No way one pot
    was working for us! It saves us tons because I use to go to Starbucks or
    McDonald’s now I use the brand they sale at walmart it’s great! And we use
    the refillable cups we got from Walgreens for 5$ it’s a spoonful, a snap
    and brew takes seconds. I just wash them out when I do the dishes or put In
    Dishwasher. Thanks for the tips! 

  7. As anyone else use these Coffee machines?! I’m looking into one, because
    #wawa has k-cups. And everyone knows I miss my WAWA!!! #twt

  8. I recently bought 2 keurig minis at Savers (one for my son and one for
    myself) for $24.99 and $14.99. WOO HOO! Since Keurig is moving into it’s
    next generation (using both single servings and carafe style) starting
    looking for more keurigs to show up at thrifts. Make sure to clean them
    well… but go for it!

    Oh… I called my daughter (not being a keurig user before) and said, “how
    will I know if this thing works before I buy it?” She said, grab an
    average size mug (there are plenty of them to choose from in a thrift
    store), take the mug to the drinking fountain and fill it up. Bring the
    keurig to the electronics area, plug it in, put the water through it, and
    turn it on. Do you get a mug full of hot water? DON’T DRINK IT…but know
    that – It works! they did, and we are having great coffee every morning
    now. YEAH!

  9. I went to Aldi yesterday just to look around. I found an off brand of
    k-cups – flavor Columbian Dark Roast. I am picky when it comes to my
    k-cups but I could not pass this up. There were 12 in a box
    for…..$2.99!!!! I tried a cup last night and I cannot tell the
    difference from the Columian Dark Roast from Barista. OMG, I’m paying
    $0.25 a cup. Yippee for me!!!

  10. At costco you get $.50 per cup any day. And it’s gonna be Van Houtte or
    similar quality brands

  11. I love my Keurig! I use it for coffee, tea, iced tea and hot cocoa. I buy
    the K-cups usually from the grocery store or Costco, and though I also have
    the re-usable K-cup, I just don’t reach for it as much since it is not as
    convenient as just popping in a k-cup! Also you can have a variety of
    different flavours of coffee with k-cups and keep them easily at hand,
    rather than having to buy and then store, a variety of bags of coffee.

  12. If you have Big Lots near you, they have good deals on K-Cups. Husband and
    I use the Ekobrew refillable K-Cup. It’s perfect and not messy at all.

  13. I’ve owned my keurig special edition model for 4+ years. I turn it off and
    unplug it after every use as I’ve heard many, many, many reports of people
    getting roaches infesting the machines that had never even seen a roach

  14. I trade flavors with others just to switch it up and cut cost. Good point
    to make about the Goodwill and thrift store, I love poking in once in a
    while to see the treasures, also I do have the reusable generic k cup for
    loose tea that I can’t get in the regular kcup. Great resource video, and
    yes i agree it does save one money than what Starbucks or panera would
    charge. Well worth it 

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