Tully’s Coffee Hawaiian Blend K-Cups Reviews

Tully’s Coffee Hawaiian Blend K-Cups

Tully's Coffee Hawaiian Blend K-Cups

  • Beautifully balanced, with a mild sweetness and an elegant simplicity
  • Contains 10% Hawaiian coffee and other fine Arabica beans
  • Medium roast coffee; extra bold

Like a well-deserved vacation, this variety holds a special place in your imagination. Maybe it’s the mild sweetness and elegant simplicity. Or maybe it’s because some of the best coffee you’ve ever tasted has been on an island, surrounded by tropical breezes. Either way, Tully’s Hawaiian Blend is a place you want to be. Contains 10% Hawaiian coffee and other fine Arabica beans.


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    Delicious and smooth, April 15, 2013

    I’m a Seattleite and we’re as picky about our coffee as “they” say we are. I was at first hesitant to purchase a Keurig because it screams “instant coffee” to me and I’m more of a french press type of gal.

    That said, I did end up putting it on my wishlist for Christmas and Santa did bring it to me and I have yet to regret it. I’m a mom and I’m also pregnant so spare time is pretty much a joke and I need everything to be as quick of a clean-up as possible. The Keurig system makes it easy to brew a single cup then throw away the k-cup and move on with my life.

    That said, I’m still a coffee snob and was looking for the “holy grail” of k-cups so I would be able to stop experimenting and buying other k-cups that turned out to be unworthy. I noticed that the Hawaiian Blend was always sold out on the Keurig website and being from the home of Tully’s, I wanted to find out why. I found a box at our local wholesale store and took the risk (it’s also much cheaper there).

    It was totally worth it. Hawaiian Blend is one of the smoothest coffees I’ve brewed at home. The flavors are balanced and the actual Hawaiian coffees (it’s a blend of other Arabica beans) are easy to taste. This is a bolder coffee, so if you prefer lighter and more acidic coffees this one isn’t for you. Kona coffee is a lighter roast itself but the Hawaiian Blend is bolder. The first sip is the best- it takes me back to my honeymoon in Hawaii. Although it’s bold enough to stand up to cream, I wouldn’t recommend adding any. It ruins the flavor.

    I’m glad the Hawaiian coffees are blended with Arabica beans because- although they’re not certified organic- Arabica beans are grown at such high altitudes that pests cannot thrive and therefore pesticides are not necessary. Many Arabica beans are not certified organic due to the high cost and crop loss that comes with being certified.

    IN SUMMARY- This is the holy grail of k-cups, in my opinion. Now that I’ve tried it I am struggling to go through all of my other k-cups. I’m only allowed one cup a day and I can’t bear to waste my one cup on coffee that’s going to disappoint me. If you like bolder coffees, give it a whirl.

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    Was Missing Tully’s Kona Blend till I found This, February 19, 2013
    M. A. Janzen (Bakersfield, CA United States) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    I really loved the Tully Kona Blend and was upset when they discontinued it. I went to their web site and they recommended the House Blend, which I tried and would highly recommend it. However when I saw the Hawaiian Blend I had to try it and I am so glad I did it is very satisfying and I am not missing the Kona Blend anymore. Note: Their breakfast blend is pretty good too!!

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