How To Make a Latte with Tassimo T Discs and Milk Frother

WHERE TO BUY: TassimoDirect: – In this video you will learn howto ma …

WHERE TO BUY: TassimoDirect: – Find out howto make Iced Tea and Iced Co.

El usuario GordonOnley explica e intenta rellenar de café una cápsula de TASSIMO que reutiliza y prueba varios métodos, no sin mucho éxito, la verdad … http …
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39 thoughts on “How To Make a Latte with Tassimo T Discs and Milk Frother

  1. Yes you can buy espresso t-discs separate. Enjoy your cup,

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  3. Is the Espresso available to purchase on its own, or do we have to buy it as a ‘kit’ and throw away the milk?

  4. you expect me to do all this with 5 min to wake up and go college. i’m not even awake yet

  5. the milk goes in first…….so not to burn the coffee….thats what were told in our coffee shop..we have costa coffee..

  6. i bought this tassimo, the coffee pods are too expensive, and the milk is horrible!….that dissapointed that im taking it back and im going to buy a milk frother instead!! i enjoy a latte….but dont see the point of having it if i have to froth my own milk!! i was so dissapointed,also ifn my local shop dosent have the coffee pods that i stumped for a decent coffee!!!……so yes, it looks good in the kitchen..but my old filter machine is is back in its place…..cheaper by design!!!

  7. Yes the Milk is real let down it spoils the coffee for me. We need a discs that you can add the milk to so it can be fresh. Great Coffee with Rubblish Cheap longlife milk detracts greatly from the brand. Did no one taste it before it left
    R and D …

  8. What a waste of money and it’s horrible for the environment. Just invest in one really good espresso machine and you’re set for 10 years at least. Just imagine how many of these plastic cups a day we’re throwing out, and the coffee is mediocre. A real espresso machine will be more expensive to buy but in the long run it will save you tons of money.

  9. Yes you can but keep in mind. Coffee + Milk = Café au lait. Espresso + Milk = Latte :). Hope this helps. Enjoy your cup,

  10. this may seem like a stupid question, but can you use any type of coffee before you put in the latte milk? or does it have to be only espresso?

  11. Happened to me, you need to make sure the barcode is in the correct position

  12. Sadly tassimo direct dot com is an American site and I am in the UK. Is there anywhere in the UK that I can get them from?

  13. Tassimo Direct dot com and many more :). Enjoy your cup,

  14. I seen the manual for nescafe Dolce Gusto and it have temperature settings for cold beverages (given: CAPPUCCINO ICE).. Does this bosch unit have similar feature?? What would you recommend me (i prefer cold beverages)?

    PS:i have no real life experience with any machines..

  15. Do you have to use Ice cubes? I mean cant the Tassimo adjust into pouring cold water instead?

  16. Go to Tassimo Direct dot com. They have iced coffee’s and teas. Enjoy your cup,

  17. I looked up Tassimo on internet. It doesn’t mention any iced coffees or teas. Are you just using any coffee and teas and putting ice in the cup?

  18. Nope. Any Tassimo machine will do it. Now thay have both Iced Teas and Iced coffees. Enjoy your cup,

  19. Yes. But if you like more ice you can add more ice. You really have to play with it. Great news is that Tassimo have new Ice Teas. We’ll review ’em soon.
    Enjoy your cup,

  20. It’s not recommended :). But if you have good quality glass mug it’s totally OK :). I never had problems with mine.

  21. Is it safe to brew a hot drink into a glass filled with ice? Won’t it crack the glass?

  22. Tassimo will adjust temperature, water amount and speed automatically. “According to the SCAA, the optimal water temperature for coffee is 92 – 96C (197.6 – 204.8F) for 90% of the contact time”. I think Tassimo do great job with Coffee and Tea. I was thinking to take thermometer and make a review with temperature measurements . So stay tune.

  23. I have the exact T45 model used in the video, big fan of it.

    What’s the temperature of the finished product like?

  24. “two” not “to”
    If you’re gonna criticize somebody at least do it properly.

  25. This is one the first videos we made so we learned – MIC must be stereo and it’s now :).

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