16 thoughts on “Tassimo Secrets: Make delicious Coffee without Tassimo T-Discs

  1. 6 mins 20 secs to say

    this makes hot water

    thats 6 mins 15 secs too long

  2. that fucking shit machine prove 1 thing ”human” still pollute like pig and don’t give a shit.
    in a normal world junk like this should be illegal

  3. Good video but that service t disc has a barcode on it that’s designed for cleaning the machine. I tried to use it to do exactly what your doing but found that the water could of done to be hotter.

    I found a other way of getting hot water from the machine that works much better in my opinion.

    If you want to know how to do this have a look at my step by step video that I have posted on my page. Give it a try if your wanting to make coffee or tea with your own stuff.

  4. Re pods not emptying:

    I had this problem for the first few weeks after purchasing my Tassimo machine and it was always on the large milk pods. After a lot of fiddling and trial and error (and milk mess all over the machine) I discovered exactly what was causing the problem.

    When placing the disc into the machine, press the disc down so that it flattens against the holder. You really want to make sure that the foil of the pod is flat against the barcode reader when the lid is closed. That’s it.

  5. Wow.
    French press coffee using a Tassimo!!!! To think I have been using an old fashioned electric kettle all these years and now I have a Tassimo I can get the same coffee but not quite as hot as using boiled water from my kettle, I would never have thought of that!!!!
    What a waste of time.

  6. I did it wrong all the years. Thank you. I never knew that i need a tassimo for this. I always used a water kettle. But now i can make really delicious French Press coffee, cause i have a tassimo for that! Guess it makes more delicious hot water…

  7. Seriously? So your secret is being a retard. Right? If it was by the Monty Pythons this would be genius.

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